1 #instantOrSelected_time
*Minimum charge 50tk for 1km distance, 1kg weight, 1feet long and 1pickup/Delivery point. 10tk applicable in next every km, kg, feet and point.
*1% of product price or 2% of COD charge applicable.

2 #HalfCharge_service
*Pickup and Delivery anytime within 6hours of order confirmation.
*Only distance charge will be half, others charges(weight-feet-point-price) remain as instant/regular service.

3 #dayout_service
*This service available for only within 10km distance and up to 1kg weight, 1feet long parcel and single Pickup-Delivery point.
*Pickup and Delivery anytime within 12hours (10am-10pm).
*2% of COD charge applicable.

4 #Capital_service
*Charge 100tk for 1kg weight and 1feet long, 20tk applicable for next every kg and feet.
*Pickup and Delivery time within 84working hours. Get within 48hours by adding extra 100tk.
*2% of COD charge applicable.

*Service charge and delivery time may vary due to exceptional weather, road condition and typical products.

*No illegal/harmful product can be delivered. We have the right to know product property.

*The authority has the right to add, change or erase any terms stated above.